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Useful Google Chrome Extension Or Plugin For Blogger In this post, I want to discuss some of the follow Useful Google Chrome Extension or plugins used by me as a Blogger.

Grammarly for Chrome

rencontre de dieu avec l'homme Grammarly for Chrome

source link Many of the blogs or articles we read on the internet might have grammatical errors, Typo’s in it and using Grammarly we can get rid of those errors. Grammarly will make sure your posts, messages, and comments are mistake-free, clear and free from grammatical errors. It is even useful while writing emails and other documents.

Google Publisher Toolbar

see Google Publisher Toolbar

source Google Publisher Toolbar handy google extension which helps you to view Adsense, AdExchange and DoubleClick details in a single click and We don’t need to login to those websites. Even we can sync publisher tool with Google Analytics so that we can view Analytics details of your website in a single click. It is one of most Useful Google Chrome Extension.

SEOquake SEOquake SEOquake is a free SEO plugin which provides some of the major metrics like Alexa Rank details, Backlink related detail and SEMrush related details. It also provides details about Google Index, Yandex Index and Bing Index of websites. This site will help you to understand more about your competitor websites and its details.

Alexa Traffic Rank

click Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa Traffic Rank Extension is a free extension from Alexa Internet and it helps you to get Alexa Data from your site without browsing their website. These extensions will help the blogger to reduce time in collecting and checking these details.

Bloggers, If you have any source url Useful Google Chrome Extension or plugin please share in the comment section.

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