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Emberopedia 1 – Where to start with Ember.js?

Welcome to Emberopedia

What is Ember.js? Why Ember.js? Where to start with it?

These question will surely arise with everybody. I am basically a Java developer, I really searched a lot to get these answers on my own. Thought to share with you all. If anything goes wrong with my English grammar please bare with me.

What is Ember.js?

A framework for creating an ambitious web application. This is the answer we will get in the google search. Really ember helps in creating any kind of web application but well suited for SPA (Single Page Applications).


Why Ember.js?

Ember is an open source framework available in npm package. Many inbuilt features are freely available to directly use (we used to code for them separately) like ember-cli(will discuss in detail about this in the later blog),ember-truth- helpers (template helpers for additional truth logic in if and unless statements.), ember-cli- pagination (Various types of paginations supported), etc. Ember is really popular because of shifting responsibilities (ie, validation, rendering, processing) from server end to itself (client side)

Where to start with it?

Struggled a lot to identify this. For the very long time I got stuck with this question and here got the answer for it.

Ember concepts :

Routes – Concept of handling with URL. Each URL has its corresponding route object.

Models – Each route has one model object which holds the data associated with the current state of the application.

Ember-data – Most important point to be remembered when we talk about models. This really helps in retrieving the model values from the server as JSON. This can be configured with many kinds of backends (Java, PHP, etc)

Templates – Template concept in ember achieved with the help of Handlebars.

Components – The Tiniest individual working part of an application is called as the component.

Service – Commonly used throughout the application will be available here.

Controller – As the name tells this has a control over both view and model.

Hurray !! We learned ember concepts in one line each. We will keep learning a lot as we go through hands on.

Let’s discuss EMBER-CLI in detail on our next blog! See you all.