Node JS

First step into Node! Why node.js should be preferred over other programming languages?

Definition For Node:

Definition for node as per is

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 Javascript engine. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient. Node.js’ package ecosystem, npm, is the largest ecosystem of open source libraries in the world.

☝☝ Question: what is event-driven & non-blocking I/O model?? 

These terms will be little confusing but we will discuss it in some time. Explaining above terms in the start will be little boring too…

☝☝ Question: what is npm?? 

Npm stands for node package manager. We will discuss it in details in our next blog.

Why Node.js?

I want to discuss in details about why Node.js – The Game changer? since you are new to node.js, you need to know why it is popular?

In the past Javascript was mainly used for client-side validation. So front end developers will develop code with HTML, CSS and javascript combo and backend developers will use Java, PHP or some other server-side programming language.

Usually, there will be more problem when you are using different language for frontend and backend? Do you agree with me?

Problem will be the communication gap between front end and back end developer?

Front-end developer doesn’t have much knowledge about the back end. how code designed and data handled at the backend.

To overcome the above problem, Node will be helpful, you can write front and backend code with Javascript Language.

Using javascript you can write frontend and backend code, Learning javascript is an easy task when compared to any other programming language. For the front end, you can use angularjs, reactjs or any other client-side javascript library and for the backend, you can use Node.

Now you can understand, how node became popular in short time.

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